Frequently Asked Questions

Downeast Scenic Railroad most common questions and answers

  • Chevron down Are there restroom facilities on the train?
  • Restroom facilities are available in the parking lot near the boarding area, on the passenger coach, and at 245 Main Street.

  • Chevron down Can I make reservations in advance?
  • Individual and Group Reservations can be made by calling 1-866-449-RAIL (7245)

  • Chevron down When does your ticket office open?
  • Tickets can be purchased at our boarding platform starting 30 minutes prior to departure.

  • Chevron down Do you have handicap access?
  • We make every reasonable effort to accommodate our visitors’ needs. Handicapped accessibility on the Downeast Scenic Railroad is limited to our passenger and open-air car due to the narrow vestibules and door openings on our vintage historic passenger cars. This access is via a boarding ramp. Power wheel chairs that do not exceed 26″ wide by 36″ long usually will fit in the open air car. Additionally, we do offer a transfer chair which allows access into the historic passenger cars. The open air car has awnings on both ends for riders comfort, we do recommend early arrival to ensure this space is available, or you may contact us in advance. Please contact us with additional details relative to any special requirements prior to your visit so that we can ensure a pleasant visit.

  • Chevron down Is there food available on the train?
  • Yes, we have a limited selection of snacks and bottled water on all of our trains.

  • Chevron down What about inclement weather?
  • Trains operate rain or shine. Passenger cars are always open for passenger seating, our open-air car seating maybe limited due to weather.

  • Chevron down Can I bring alcoholic beverages on board?
  • Passengers may not carry alcoholic beverages onboard at any time.

  • Chevron down Can I bring my dog?
  • Well-behaved dogs may travel in open air car, provided they are restrained by the owner.

  • Chevron down Can I smoke on the train?
  • We are a no smoking property. Smoking is not permitted aboard any train, in any building or anywhere on railroad property.

  • Chevron down Can I bring food onto the train?
  • Yes. We just ask that, if you eat on the train, you please be considerate and pick up after yourselves.

  • Chevron down What type of seating is available?
  • Both open air car and passenger coach seating is available on a first come first served basis. We do not offer seat selection reservations.

  • Chevron down What do you have for locomotives?
  • Our motive power consists of either a 1948 General Electric 70 ton 600 horsepower Diesel-Electric Engine #54 or a 1950 ALCO S-4 1000 horsepower Engine # 1055.

  • Chevron down I am a model rail hobbyist. Can I get models of the DSRR trains?
  • Yes, you can! Highball Graphics in New Hampshire makes an HO scale decal set which will do the following models in HO Scale: Alco S-4, GE 70 Tonner, 2 Passenger cars and Caboose.
    You can look at the set here