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H.E. Sargent <\/font><\/a><\/strong>
A history of promises kept since 1926<\/em><\/font> <\/em><\/font><\/font> <\/em> <\/font><\/font>

Georgia Pacific <\/font><\/a><\/strong>
We are your friends, your family, your neighbors.<\/em><\/font> <\/em><\/font><\/font> <\/em> <\/font><\/font>

Whitten's 2 Way Service <\/font><\/a><\/strong>
Serving Maine since 1957<\/em><\/font> <\/em><\/font><\/font> <\/em> <\/font><\/font>

Town of Fort Fairfield <\/font><\/a><\/strong>
Two great festival, one friendly place!<\/em><\/font> <\/em><\/font><\/font> <\/em> <\/font><\/font>

Mechanical Services, Inc. <\/font><\/a><\/strong>
Serving the commercial & industrial community for 48 years<\/em><\/font> <\/em><\/font><\/font> <\/em> <\/font><\/font>

Telford Aviation <\/font><\/a><\/strong>
Proud to call Bangor International Airport our home<\/em><\/font> <\/em><\/font><\/font> <\/em> <\/font><\/font>

Bangor Savings Bank <\/font><\/a><\/strong>
Supporting economic development at 43 locations through out Maine<\/em><\/font> <\/em><\/font><\/font> <\/em> <\/font><\/font>

Caribou Inn & Convention Center <\/font><\/a><\/strong>
Experience the difference<\/em><\/font> <\/em><\/font><\/font> <\/em> <\/font><\/font>

Maine Salt Company <\/font><\/a><\/strong>
Competitive Prices, quality product<\/em><\/font> <\/em><\/font><\/font> <\/em> <\/font><\/font>

Freedom Auto Body <\/font><\/a><\/strong>
We specialize in motor homes<\/em><\/font> <\/em><\/font><\/font> <\/em> <\/font><\/font>

Daigle and Houghton, Inc. <\/font><\/a><\/strong>
Spec'd to meet your ideal application requirements<\/em><\/font> <\/em><\/font><\/font> <\/em> <\/font><\/font>

Eastern Maine Development Corporation <\/font><\/a><\/strong>
Set your sights on a new business horizon.<\/em><\/font> <\/em><\/font><\/font> <\/em> <\/font><\/font>

Maine Mutual Group <\/font><\/a><\/strong>
Providing personal and commercial insurance coverage to Maine, New Hampshire & Vermont<\/em><\/font> <\/em><\/font><\/font> <\/em> <\/font><\/font>

A & B Building Systems, Inc.<\/font><\/a><\/strong>
33 years of construction services<\/em><\/font> <\/em><\/font><\/font> <\/em> <\/font><\/font>

HO Bouchard, Inc. <\/font><\/a><\/strong>
Delivering the products. Delivering the services.<\/em><\/font> <\/em><\/font><\/font> <\/em> <\/font><\/font>

Freightliner of Maine <\/font><\/a><\/strong>
Maine's most complete truck, trailer, parts, tire & repair facility<\/em><\/font> <\/em><\/font><\/font> <\/em> <\/font><\/font>

Assist 2 Sell <\/font><\/a><\/strong>
Sell your new homes for $2995!<\/em><\/font> <\/em><\/font><\/font> <\/em> <\/font><\/font>

Bangor Pipe & Supply, Inc. <\/font><\/a><\/strong>
The best boiler is right in your own backyard<\/em><\/font> <\/em><\/font><\/font> <\/em> <\/font><\/font>

Frost's Garage, Inc.<\/font><\/a><\/strong>
Complete Auto - Truck - Bus Service - RV Service<\/em><\/font> <\/em><\/font><\/font> <\/em> <\/font><\/font>

T & T Cabinets <\/font><\/a><\/strong>
Direct from our factory to you<\/em><\/font> <\/em><\/font><\/font> <\/em> <\/font><\/font>